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    Thanks for your help guys. I'm going to place my first WP order this weekend. I'm trying to decide which motorcycle set I like best. The soldier w/ gas mask is really cool, but the one with two white clad Germans might even by more appealing to me. I'll have fun deciding. I'm happy to hear they can be used with FL. Carlos, that picture you provided is really nice and shows the figures in great clarity. I particularly like the two figures in the turret hatches.
    I have both bikes and if I was to choose I would choose the one with two figures, works better in my dio, but the other one is good as well is in the convoy dio I have.

    On working with FL, I have very few FL WW2, but have all the FL Nap French Retreat from Moscow and they are on the shelf above the Warpark figures and people, some TS collectors, think they are all FL.
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