I have a convolut with 7 German Classics figurines and a half set of WS039 Attack! (2 of 4) at Ebay.
WS200 Walking Officer With his Schmeisser Machine Pistol slung over his back this confident officer could be somewhere in France in 1940… or anywhere in western Russia in 1941. (produced 2012, retired)

WS201 Marching MG42 Gunner Many photos of the early – war period show German infantry on the march looking tired but still successful… (produced 2012, retired)

WS202 The Ammo Carrier All Machine Guns used up prodigious amounts of belted ammo and so other soldiers in the gunner’s section were detailed to “hump” additional boxes of ammunition. (produced 2012 retired)

WS203 NCO w/ Binos It was not just officers that were issued with expensive field binoculars. Even junior NCO’s managed to beg, borrow or steal a good pair of binos for their personal use. (produced 2012, retired)

WS205 Soldat looking right. This guy looks happy and relaxed…does he not know what lies ahead? (produced 2013, retired)

WS206 Soldat drinking. Marching on those dusty Russian roads is a thirsty business… (produced 2013) No original box, but K&C box, "used"

WS207 Soldat carrying Crate. Another of the “Soldaten” has been tasked with moving a crate of ammunition. (produced 2013)