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I don't know if I am missing something but I tried to go on line to look at how one pre-orders upcoming releases from Britain's. (I am aware of the on going issues re delivery times.) My usual point of contact www.britains-soldiers.com does not appear to be there anymore and Bachmann are distributors and site asks you to search for a retailer. Does anyone know of a UK based retailer with a facility to pre-order, or any other way round this issue.? I looked some of the sites for UK based retailers but did not spot this service.

Though the above is not world ending it is amazing how you can get annoyed with a system you know and have used stops.
Many thanks in expectation.



The UK Williams Britains website and office is no more, it has closed. You can order straight from the US, but I would suggest contacting Magpies in Evesham, they sell WBs and do send them through the royal mail. Good service, but pre ordering from them for me is a waste of time, you might as well wait for them to be delivered and then order or ask Magpies just to tell you when they are in and then order them.