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Thanks for everyone's input. We will make this happen. Let me talk to Woody and a few others and get on the same page. I actually enjoyed the January Show. There are a few conflicts on East Coast for March but I am sure in can be worked out. Avoid the Superbowl and New England February vacations and we should be good.

It needs to rebuild and start fresh. Mike 1000 people is a stretch. I think a show with 100 tables and few 100 collectors is easily attainable. If we get more than that great. A year to plan even better. I would love something in 2019 but I can wait until 2020. I may have to go scout out some places so I can get my West Coast fix. Joe I'll meet you at the beach with your requests!
In the past, I wrote three reviews of the show for Toy Soldier and Model Figure magazine. For example, at the 2007 show, there were 77 vendors manning 185 tables. Craig (Bubba) also told me that the paid attendance was about 700 plus 200 children. However, that being said, a good starting point for a more current estimate of vendor tables and attendance, would be the 2018 show's results. I am sure that Woody has these numbers for you. Also, what is the square footage you estimate would be needed for the show with 100 tables? I'll see if I can help you search for a location, as long as I know more precisely what you are looking for.