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Thread: My Visit with HIRIART in Montevideo

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    As I boarded the ferry for the return trip to Buenos Aires, I took these three photos of Uruguayan Naval vessels anchored in Montevideo harbor on the River Platte. This something you don't see every day. Hiriart collector Mike N., who is a Pasadena attorney, was kind enough to identify what I was seeing.

    Photo 1: Ex-Volksmarine Kondor II Coastal Minesweeper which the Germans sold to Uruguay after they removed the East Block weapons and mounted Swedish 40mm bofors. They are now used as coastal patrol craft.

    Photo 2: Big to small. Ship marked "2" and the one behind it are French designed Commandant Riviere Frigates which were first sold to Portugal, who in turn sold them to Uruguay. The next ship is an ex-Bundesmarine Coastal Survey ship. The last ship is a YP which is a harbor craft which services larger ships.

    Photo 3: Another Riviere Frigate and behind it is an ex-Bundesmarine Type 701e AOE ship which is configured as a support fleet replentishment ship with general stores and a repair platform for frigates, submarines, and fast attack craft.
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    Mike Tarantino
    Hiriart Collector & Importer

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