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Thread: Stadden American Civil War Chess set questions

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    Default Stadden American Civil War Chess set questions

    My brother purchased a chess set at an antique dealer several years ago and has asked me to check on it's value and to sell it if possible. It's a Stadden American Civil War set according to the markings on the felt covering all of the individual figures mounts.
    It's in a fitted cardboard box that has seen better days. The felt and foam cutouts that hold the pieces are in bad shape but all of the figures look to be in very good condition with everything intact. It looks like this set hasn't been used. The only issue is that on many of the marble bases the glue has broken down and the figures have come loose. I did not remove any of the figures from the case to inspect them all.
    This collection does not have the wooden presentation case that I've seen with other sets. It does have a wooden chessboard that as far as I can tell was not part of the factory set. This board is not in good condition as the varnish and what I assume are laminated chessboard squares are separating from the base wood. I don't think it is salvageable without a lot of work.
    I've found a couple of these sets that have sold but my question is would anyone have an idea of what the value of this set would be without the case? Again that would be assuming that all of the figures except for the base problem are in very good condition.
    I'm a member of several forums and I hate to join one just to try to sell something but this is such a specialty item that I couldn't think of what else to do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course if anyone is interested in the set, let me know. My email is
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