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Thread: NJ Show March 3rd.

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    Default NJ Show March 3rd.

    Well folks the show is a wrap. I traveled down to PA early Saturday in the snow to do an appraisal and then headed back late Saturday afternoon to to NJ. I ran out of steam Sat night but got enough set up and finished in the AM. the show opened at 9AM. At first I was like 10 people? Then from 9:15AM -10:45AM it was the busiest show I have had in years. It was crazy for that time! I think overall the crowd was about 150 (adults) or so people but about 100 of them were all there at once. There was a lot of buying at the show and after the crowd dispersed I was able to tidy up my booth. Then it was slower and I had time to chat with some of my regulars. I think the threats of snow kept the crowd down compared to the last 2 years.

    I was able to talk to many customers and a couple helped me out during the busy hour by taking in money and bagging up stuff. As usual Tom, Thor, Eddie, the Jones brothers and I had some good laughs. Also in attendance was Gary Green, Al Greene, Arley Pett, Dan Miller and a couple other guys(don't know the names).

    It started to snow just as I left. Luckily mostly sleet and rain on the way home and I missed the storm. I got home around 9PM. I woke up Monday to 10-12 inches of snow.

    I think the next NJ show is August 18th??
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