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    Here's a nice little project - that I've been saving up bits and pieces for.

    Here's a pic below - which shows what I have been collecting up for about a year or so. The pic really shows - two parts to a small haul of figures. The unpainted pair, have been put together using broken Britains castings, repaired by using Dorset Soldiers spare parts. Both missing heads have been replaced - as have various horse legs - holes filled etc., to make up two Scots Guards Troopers.

    The 5 painted ones are a little more special. They are a complete early set of 5 - with the date 1.11.1902 marked under the belly of each horse - so one of the first produced - BUT ALSO - in addition each is marked with the French word "Deposé". ( I'll show another pic AFTER paint is removed - so you can see the dates etc much better).

    This means that the mould for these figures was once used in Britains' French Office in Paris (opened 1912) - though of course the moulds could probably have been returned and used again after the Paris Office closed in the 1920's. An interesting set, nevertheless.

    Not all arms with swords at the carry you can see in the pic came with this lot - but a raid on my "spares" box came up with these old originals shown - so at least the five won't have new spare parts added.

    Indeed, if one figure had not been damaged (see holes in top right painted figure), and the paintwork been better than the poor state they are now in - with quite a bit of overpainting too - I might have retained them without re-painting.

    I WILL keep the Five French marked figures as a separate set - but will give all my best shot at a complete repaint for them all. Once completed, they can join my ever-growing collection of this fine body of soldiers. jb

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