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    Quote Originally Posted by Obee View Post
    WOW, this 'wee Gordon' sure looks he's been on a very long campaign in Spain ……

    I love that you have him wearing a pair of cotton trousers, and sandals as fitting for the time and place.

    What other figures from this regiment are you planning? A set of 'at ease' soldiers would make a great diorama, so I'm looking forward to seeing him painted.

    Well Done,

    Thanks John. I ve got somewhat of a blank canvas at the moment, I've been working a lot since Christmas and haven't got around to the next figure yet. I stared to plan a 71st highlander on the retreat from Corruna and then changed it to the retreat from Burgos mainly due to the uniform differences then went off the boil with that idea. Then I did all the research with RWF drummer and then lost interest in that.
    So I don't know what to do next probably a highlander but not from the 92 maybe 42nd black watch in kilt an all.
    When I get s few days off I will decide what to do.

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