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    Default The Imperial German Army- Opinions

    Hey gang

    Not looking to get into a scrap regarding Nazism and all that as I hope everyone knows how I feel about them. (obligatory disclaimer in regards to topics touching on 20th century German military threads )

    Just curious what the forums opinion is of the Imperial German army and the way they fought WW1. Were they a more effective fighting force than the German army in WW2? I was watching one of my WW1 documentaries last night and it finished with the finale and the German surrender. They closed by saying that the German army had effectively held France and the BEF in check, defeated the Italians, and fought off the Russian to a standstill while never allowing a single foreign soldier to enter their lands. It made me wonder, with all of the spotlight being on the German army of WW2- with the Blitzkrieg, the airpower and slick armor, was the Imperial German military better trained and overall a better fighting force than their sons were in WW2?

    I have my opinions and I think the militaries and political personalities of the Allies in WW1 were generally inferior to what they were in WW2, but still, not by much. I dunno, I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks. It was definitely one of those points that made me pause and think. Certainly if Pershing had his way, eventually US Troops would have made their way into Germany but at what cost?

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