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    Default Charbens WW2 Soldiers.

    Hi all - had a bit of luck lately with the purchase of some old WW2 Action figures from an old British supplier - Charbens. The figures date from around the 1950's - and are of American GI's - and are very similar indeed to the very successful Timpo figures. Indeed, because they are a bit more difficult to find than the well known Timpo figures - I think they are that little bit rarer.

    I spotted a group of figures on e-bay - and with only a few days to go - saw that they had only attracted one very low bid - so put them on watch. However, when they day of the final bids came round, I had forgotten all about them - and was very lucky to remember with just minutes to go! I quickly bunged in a single figure offer - and promptly forgot all about them once again. Imagine my surprise to find out next day - I had won!...........and for a ridiculously low price! Hurrah!

    They arrived in the post - and I expected them to require a bit of work - but to my delight found that only two figures will require repair to rifle ends ( broken off), a few require staightening of bits and pieces - and the kneeling pieces require some help with bases - as they are a bit wobbly - due to playwear and time.

    Then - it's just a paint job for all - to match them up with my existing fairly large collection of Timpo/Charbens WW2 G.I's. Note that I mix these up together, as once painted in a uniform paint scheme that's a bit more authentic to WW2 than either company's original paintwork, it really is quite difficult to tell which are from either Timpo or Charbens ( unless you have handled lots of them!).

    Anyhoo - here are my very reasonably priced new recruits - as they arrived in this morning's post. jb

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