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    Quote Originally Posted by Running-Buddy View Post
    The sad part about these flags is that the American Rev. is my favorite period and I was very happy when JJD came out with this range. But I am very disappointed in the Flags and I hope that he redoes the flags to your suggested "B" version and not just stay with what he has offered. I think every collector would choose the upgrade if it was available.

    Afternoon Howard,

    I was excited to hear the John entered the AWI arena as well.

    Like you, I am a huge AWI collector, but was frustrated when I realized that the K&C AWI series had run a VERY SUCCESSFUL course, but K&C sadly went on to other era's. First Legion offered an astounding set of figures, but weren't compatible with my collection. Collector Showcase was close, but still not quite there, although very nice sets.

    I am not disappointed in the JJD flags and I can (somewhat) see John's logic in his design choice.
    His AWI figures are 100% the best available (IMO).

    However, for me, when I go after a Flag Bearer the critical component is the ..... <wait-for-it> ..... THE FLAG!
    When someone looks at a display most people notice the flags first off, generally being colorful and generally leading the troops!

    I will add the JJD Saratoga figures and Flags, regardless of the design style, but like you, I will be willing to toss in a few more dollars to get a spectacular flag.

    --- LaRRy
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