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...I think it’s been referred to as the German Band of Brothers.
Yeah, some critics and reviewers said that. I think they had only a superficial knowledge of "Band of Brothers", or hadn't really watched "Generation War", or both. BoB is specially about the soldiers and the bond that forms between men facing death in combat. Though some characters in "Generation War" are soldiers, that's where any similarity ends.

It's really more similar to an earlier German series called, "Heimat" ("Homeland"), which aired back in the early 80s. That followed the fates of three families living in the Rheinland, over several generations, from just before the First World War, to the Economic Miracle. There was a sequel that carried the story into the 80s.

In that it follows the fate of several people-again, civilians, not soldiers-it's also similar to the miniseries, "Holocaust".

"Generation War" German title is, "Unsere Mütter, Unsere Väter", which is, "Our Fathers, Our Mothers".