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Yes. Lots. None of the (mostly organic) food I buy is from China, nor is the gas I put in my car, nor the parts for my Audi. Plane tickets, movie tickets, hotel rooms. I buy American or European made furniture.

In fact total exports to the US from China are less than $500 billion. Our total economy is ~$19 trillion. So I donít think your math, ala everything we buy is made in China, is accurate, to say the least.

Chinaís leaders are by no means immune to internal pressure. There are 1.4 billion people in China. When 5% are unhappy, thatís a really big number. If China canít export to us because demand is soft in the US, they are *******. There is no domestic consumption to speak of. Itís why the economy is export centric. The average Chinese has an income less than 1/4 of an American. They canít afford the higher end products China desperately wants and needs to produce. Vietnam, Malaysia and the like are taking over the low value add manufacturing. China needs high income Americans to buy their stuff way more than we need them yo buy ours.

Food is not "made" it is produced and you are talking about services (tickets, hotels etc.). I hope that you will agree with me that most tangible goods offered for sale in the USA are not made in the USA - yes?
My math is great, it is called a trade deficit (if it was insignificant the politicians would not be interested in dealing with it). Have you checked recently how much money the US owes to China? you will be surprised by the amount...
I do not disagree that China will not experience the pain, I just stated that you and I will be on the receiving end as well. Unhappy people in China!!...never, everyone is happy in China it is called Communism (said with a lot of sarcasm).