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    so, I get a message asking me to end my auction for a certain figure at the opening bid which has 5 days left mind you. I kindly thank the person for their email, but explain they are welcome to bid but it would be unfair for me to end the item at this point and who knows, they will probably get it at the opening bid anyhow. This goes back and forth for a few messages, I say the same thing that I am happy for them to buy the figure but to be fair, I have to let the auction run (if this was a hobby friend or another forum member I knew, of course I would sell it directly), but it was not even though I do think the person may have bought something from me.

    Then...………..I get this snarky comment: (The opening bid is 104.99) - "I’ll offer $100.00. When you’re satisfied that you can’t get more you may want to keep me in mind. Thanks"

    This is a hobby and fun for me, the above comment is not, I am not sure what negotiating school this individual went to, but wow, not a good tactic. I did reward the person - he earned a lifetime appointment to the blocked bidder list. I don't want to sell my figure to someone who acts like that and fortunately that is a still a choice that I am able to make in the good ole USA!

    Thought this may be of interest to some.

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