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Okay, I am going to the airport, buy a ticket to Heathrow. Rent a car and take the M25 to Guildford.
I'll meet you at the Positano Restaurant on 124A High Street, Tunsgate for a nice Italian lunch, on you of course.

THEN YOU will drive to your house and show me your collection of K&C sets (as well as others manufacturers figures) but mostly the huge collection of fun diorama items you use you create this fun and imaginative settings.

Brief Cases! Scooters! Carts! Flowerpots! TG Huts! Airfix Huts, Buildings of all sorts and dimensions! Bricks walls,! Busses! Furniture! Baskets! Roofing Material! Wicker Baskets! Ford Pickup! Rakes! Jungle Foliage! so much MORE! …. and of course Mama-San eating corn

Looking forward to "TRUE" Brit style FISH & CHIPS but NOT warm beer!!!

--- LaRRy
Cheers Larry !

Haha, The Fish and Chips with Mushy peas and Curry sauce yeah ! Beers are in the Fridge, but not got no Moonshine for you Larry perhaps since Gin seems to have come back into fashion you could have Pink Gin ! Pinkers being of course what the Navy officers drink in their wardroom.


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Excellent diorama.

Thanks Odo !


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"Kill zone" with a pulse..pop smoke..3-5 second rush or nearest cover.Always hairy..always.Great job on live-round MOUT turf dio!

Cheers Randy !
Watch out for that VC with the AK looking down from the window on the right !