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Thread: First Legion 28mm Fantasy Figures Now Live on Kickstarter!

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    Default First Legion 28mm Fantasy Figures Now Live on Kickstarter!

    While I realize that it's of course our historical toy soldiers that folks here enjoy, just wanted to share with you all that our 28mm Fantasy Figures Kickstarter has officially launched. It's all extremely high quality and superlatively sculpted resin figure kits for gamers and painters. Though there are 2 painted figures as well, a large Ogre (60mm tall in 28mm scale!) and an Orc. Check it out if you're interested. Our toy soldier new releases will be announced next week, so stay tuned for that.

    28mm Fantasy Kickstarter

    We are considering producing some of these, mostly the Orcs and Goblins, in 60mm hand painted metal as well. Something a bit different!

    Hope you're all well and will announce toy soldier releases next week!


    First Legion
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