Andy if you have a chance it would be awesome if you could produce a figure of John C Raaen 5th Rangers HQ Company Captain. He is one of the only surviving US Rangers who landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Father Lacy (Ranger Chaplin) was on his LCA and was the last man on the craft. Just as he left the ramp a shell hit the propeller blade and the LCA was disabled.

Raaen went ashore on D day holding an M1 Garand with armour piercing rounds. On the beach Raaen met General Norman Cota who Raaen knew personally and after a quick chat Cora shouted 'Rangers Lead the Way!' And that is how the US Rangers got there motto!

Another idea would be Lieutenant Colonel James Rudder commanding officer of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He was a tall man about 6 feet!

Lieutenant Bob Edlin 'The Fool Lieutenant' of Able Company 2nd Ranger Battalion who went ashore with an M1 Rifle but wearing a BAR belt as he said he could get more ammunition for the m1 in that belt !

Thanks for reading!