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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankDrake View Post
    I have now ordered the characters about my dealer that I would like to have this month and also get them.
    Collectors who are not on the road here unfortunately do not get the new releases with them before they are sold out.
    Figures only for 100 collectors? I think this is the wrong way, there are enough people like me who sometimes have to save your money for new characters before they can buy them.
    You ordered and you will get the figures, so where is your problem?
    I am the German TGM dealer since the beginning and in 99% all orders here can be served.
    It makes no sense to produce much more only to have all in stock for all times and the last collector, who needs maybe some years for making his decisions.

    Limited items have much more value for the collectors who buy. And btw if there are 500 pieces produced and only 150 are sold, it's not your or other collector's money lost, but the money of the manufacturer is lost and is missing for new different products in the future....

    So I think it's the right way, how TGM acts.
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