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Love those British figures, especially that they are light infantry! I agree that some running/charging to the firing line type of figures would make the group complete.

I agree, this range really does keep getting better and better!!!

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I figured my troll would ruffle some feathers. But let me tell you, it paled in comparison to the horror that I felt when this this series was initially announced and the 1st Canadian (emm.. TRAITOR) Regiment was included in the Continental Army ORBAT!


I also agree with the statements and ad that I would like to see TWO figure sets of a Hand-to-Hand combat between the Colonial and the (British/German). Something similar to the sets in the Jacobite series would be nice. As always causalities are a needed addition.

BUT YES .. wow, what a series!!!

Now … Brendan … don't go and blame the 1st Canadian for making the right choice and joining the WINNING side!!!

--- LaRRy