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Also, be careful if you have any of the big guns. The details on them are terrific, however, some of the smaller parts are so delicate they fall off and are hard to glue back on. Agree with John about the paint but I think most of us are well aware of that situation. Regards. Larry.
Thanks Obee, Going to have a go with the glue on the figures tonight , haven't unpacked a lot of the figarti stuff yet ( setting up the conte vikings and the normans and getting reaquainted with the conte spatans and immortals),

but the winter 88 had 2 or 3 of the small fragile delicate bits come off but was otherwise intact as was the figarti horse drawn limber and the covered wagon.The figarti diorama pieces are pretty indestructible. The vehicles are delicate but

are exquisite pieces though. Be interesting to see how the other figarti pieces have fared. Going to be unpacking them later (In comparison The K & C stuff is solid , much more sturdy, than I remember , I think you'd need a Jack hammer to

break a piece off them). I'll take some before and after pics