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    Really like this set and will be buying when it comes out, would like to see a 75mm version. Few changes and a new gun would do it.

    Hope the rocket is detachable and there will be different versions, summer/winter.

    The figures look 'late war' to me and 'urban', there are at least 3 figures that could be used in multiple dioramas and scenes.

    Another great set.

    I also like the way that T Gunn manage their releases, not been any Romans for a while, but that, for me, is OK as it allows people to catch up. Always a good and growing mix of eras, some not for me, but I still appreciate them and that we are all different and people collect different things, plus release for me are always good, as there is normally something there for me and if not I can let the credit card cool off for a month.
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