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    Quote Originally Posted by wayne556517 View Post
    Awesome mate can hear the train and multiples are brilliant expensive but worth it, cheers for sharing.
    I'm in the middle of sorting the tonnes of diorama stuff I have accumulated over the years and there is a shitt load.
    Thanks Mate and I'm in the same boat as well with all the dio stuff both big and small that I have accumulated over the years.

    Quote Originally Posted by sapper View Post
    Superb diorama can't say it any better. Regards Greg.
    Thanks Greg

    Quote Originally Posted by Louis Badolato View Post
    Tom mate,

    Absolutely fantastic work! You really made it look alive! I love the use of Figarti, King & Country and Honour Bound together! Absolutely smashing work!��������������
    Thanks Louis, I like using different manufacturer items as they often work really well together.

    Quote Originally Posted by panda1gen View Post

    What he said - brilliant mate.
    Thanks Kevin

    Quote Originally Posted by breslau View Post
    Tom the sheer scale is impressive and it's unlike any other dio displayed on this website. Obviously a true labour of passion. The angle of some of your photos with that pine forest background makes it so real. Where do you have the space to display?
    Thanks Rob and luckily I live alone in a big house although living alone is not all that much fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by Horus View Post
    It's Fantastic Tom

    Thanks Steve

    Quote Originally Posted by bradleyl30 View Post
    I canít think of any more positive adjectives, so I will just have to repeat superb and outstanding!
    Thanks Larry

    Quote Originally Posted by mikemiller1955 View Post
    can't get over what a nice display you have created...
    the possibilities of displaying your collection is endless...
    Thanks young Mike

    Quote Originally Posted by marco55 View Post
    I can't say enough about it either.Trees,Mountains and can't go wrong with that.
    Thanks Mark

    Quote Originally Posted by Ivanhoe View Post
    The whole Diorama is 'Amazing' !

    A lot of time and effort...well worth it all.

    Thank you for sharing the progress and excellent results.
    Thanks mate

    Quote Originally Posted by wwiibuff View Post
    That's really excellent Tom! Love the use of all the different makers in the one scene and what a large one it is!

    The HB Panthers look awesome as does the train. Everything ties in so well together. Keep coming up with different scenarios for this fabulous piece of yours.
    Thanks Duke and yeah, i'll keep posting some more different scenes.

    Thanks to everyone else that provided a like.

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