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I received the following email:

Books on List OP is available for shipping for a very limited time: till Sept 30. Currently about 1500 books primarily from the collections of Marchant Gardner, Marius Peladeau and Dudley Mecum. A wide mixture of books on Small arms, Civil War, British Army, World Wars I & II, Tanks Warships and Military Aircraft. Still 20 boxes remaining to be cataloged which will be mostly Tanks, Warships and Military aviation 1939 to present. If you miss this opportunity , they will be available again in September.

Browse through the current list at List OP as generated by the data base, arranged by author. There are links to the shopping cart. I also posted an unorganized static page for List OP Static which seems to be dated 2015 and stops at op-1259.

List OP: https://rwmilitarybooks.secure-chris...s/category/372

List OP Static: http://www.rwmilitarybooks.com/home/...cjuly2015.html
Got the same email. Never have understood why some of his books can only be ordered during certain (and very short) time periods. He apparently moves between two locations. -- Al