Just highjacking Chris' thread to bring you the offical version where I will be posting up sculptures and painted figures when they become available.

Well I thought I would give you a sneak preview; however I am still keeping quite a lot secret until we get closer to the production date.

Here are just four of the figures which will be part of the initial launch. Notice I have deliberately hidden the shield designs to give nothing away to the competition!

Production schedule is still pretty uncertain and has to be confirmed by our factory but here is what I currently believe it to be:

June: Initital launch of 20 figures.
August: Additional 10 figures.
November: Yet another 10 figures.

So we are hoping to have 40 figures to start this new range for EOI by the end of the year. I will of course give you much more information closer to the time that each batch is about to be launched.

Anyway enough of this rambling and here is the sneak preview: