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Hi All,

Sorry for not entering before to comment on these news, fortunately for overwork.
It is a great joy to see our sets published at your website, by to be such a personal work, even gives a little fear ...
I want to thank Julie for all the work she has done, making photos, moving folders, searching information, etc.
I hope this forum is a way of communication with all of you,

Many thanks,

That Camel band is awesome!

Hi Zach,

Many thanks!,
I was very surprised when I first saw that music band during President Obama's visit to India and decided to make the set.
The result I really like, each camel needs 36 welding operations, imagine the work behind a set as well. I really enjoyed painting the set available at Treefrog store, I think it shows in the result.
I currently provide a serial number to music bands (they are not made as sausages), this one has the number 1, it is obviously an exclusive product, but I believe that in the future this will increase its value.

Just checked out the camel band. That one screams "ZACH".

And if he buys it, he will be screaming when he gets his cc bill {eek3}
That camel band may be the most spectacular band set I have ever seen!
More figures came back with me from CTSS this year and are now on the Website under Recent Releases - a few more to go so keep watching!
Love these glossy guys!


More new figures and sets came back from CTSS once again this year! Some new sets and some 'vintage' Alymer.
Check them out!
I requested Baseball players and this one the lone character left after the we brought him home anyway! We should have more of the other ones available in the future!

The Castle pieces are also very useful for mini-dioramas.

The Marichal one is interesting although the pitching motion is not quite right.

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