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Mar 10, 2011
Hi, David Cowe has decided to sell his collection of early sets.
They are currently live on auction at imperialproductions.co.nz

Included in this auction is a very rare early casting of set 11

Two variants for Set 11 exist. The original version presented some difficulties with the mould and as a result the set wasn't released in 1984. Only a few sets were made with the original version and probably only sold locally via the Greytown shop as the set wasn't listed on any dealer pricing sheets. We'll call this the Original version set 11. Ironically the Original version featured the most dynamic poses yet made at that time by Imperial and is very attractive. The Gilbert Mair figure closely resembles the Reverend George Smith figure in set 41.1 The Brave Defenders of Rorke's Drift. It is likely that the Rorke's Drift figure was adapted from the original Gilbert Mair sculpting. The men have distinctive kilt designs and have fixed arms.
Some years later the set was remodelled and introduced. We'll call this the official version set 11. A more upright Gilbert Mair and running figures with swinging rifle arms and simpler kilt markings as seen in the NZ11 set today. The official version had Mair and five men running and the same box as the Original version. The NZ11 set currently in production has Mair and three men.
There are no records remaining of how many Original version set 11's were produced.

I will post photos in this thread of the original and remodelled set 11

This is the original version of set 11 11_Gilbert Mail Original_1.jpg

Comparison of the troopers from original to official version 11_Gilbert Mail Original_3.jpg

Comparison of Gilbert Mair - the original is quite similar to Reverend George Smith in set 41 Brave Defenders of Rorkes Drift 11_Gilbert Mail Original_5.jpg
11_Gilbert Mail Original_6.jpg
11_Gilbert Mail Original_4.jpg

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