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Feb 2, 2011
Many of you know that John Gittins 'Retired' at the end of 2023, which could have left a large hole in the Diorama Accessories options for miniature collectors! But luckily, he found a protege to carry on!

Sheffield Miniatures was established in 2016. Lee has slowly developed the business and now stocks small independent local shops, displays his miniatures in local pubs, cafes and other businesses. He has created bespoke miniatures of a wide variety of buildings and landscapes suiting his client’s needs and requests.
In 2023, Lee was approached by John Gittins, the founder and owner of JG Miniatures, regarding taking over his work when he retires, and decided this would be a great opportunity to move away from his day job and pursue his ambition of working full time on something he has been passionate about for as long as he can remember, which is creating realistic miniatures.
So, having trained with John for a number of months he is pleased to be now offering the full JG Miniatures range of diorama accessories!
John has trained Lee in his techniques and craftsmanship and will continue to offer his support while Lee steps into this role. He intends to offer the same high level of craftsmanship and service. He will be producing the miniatures in the same way, using the same methods and materials, in order to offer consistency throughout the range, and to offer consistency to collectors, returning customers and retailers (however, there may be slight variations as each item is handmade and therefore unique)
Taking this forward, he hopes to be able to add new models to the range and would always be happy to hear from anybody regarding new model ideas or suggestions.

We have received 4 parcels thus far and began stocking the line. I take photos of each and every piece as it arrives so you can see the true quality and craftsmanship are very similar! Every artist will have their own style, but thus far it all looks great to me!

Bases & Mats
Battlefield Accessories
Buildings & Structural Accessories
Foliage & Trees


As we continue to bulk up our stock, either myself or Stacie will add those items!

He does plan to add them, yes! Currently only offering items that are in stock and ready to ship. As more items arrive, more will be added to our Website.

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