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Hi guys - sorry for the delay. I didn't take many pictures of the 'making of' process for this set because I was focused on having everything ready for the show. A few pictures of the process.




many pieces together under the lamp getting the correct temperature for the putty to harden.

Promise to take more pictures next time,

Thanks for sharing your work in progress photos. Best wishes for the upcoming show.

Thank you, GH. I'm glad that you enjoy them :)

Thank you, Andreas. It is a colorful group indeed. My photos never do them justice. Those who saw them in person at the show can say.

Hi everyone,

I am sorry I have been a bit lost. I began a series of newsletters with the history of the Delhi Durbar 1903 Beau Geste sets. That has kept me very busy. I'm sending a new chapter every 2 weeks and each one demands a lot of work. So far I've released 6 chapters.
I haven't been able to post them here mainly because many of the photos don't have the rights to bu published online and I don't want troubles. I need to send them privately to each collector. So far I have been sending the newsletters to all my subscribers. If you are not subscribed to my newsletters and want to receive this history chapters just sent me an email and I will include you in my list. I can email the old ones and include you in the list for the new.

Email me anad@beau-geste.com

Take care you all,

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post photos of the howda's process for the new elephant of Tehri. It will be ready soon, and I will post photos of the making of the elephant too.


I also wanted to let you know that we've featured a website containing all the 1903 Delhi Durbar information and the history of the Beau Geste Delhi Durbar line sets in a website that can be visited at:


All the different chapters that I've already sent in my newsletters have been uploaded there, and we'll be adding every new one after the new newsletter is out.

Thanks :)

Hi Ana, looks amazing!!!

Thank you also for compiling all your blogs into the website - it is such a fantastic resource! Looking forward to reading more!

Best wishes
I agree. I was already collecting the newsletters in a special email folder.

it is always something to look forward to.
I'm glad that you are enjoying them, Andreas. A few collectors have been printing them and saving the chapters. I love writing them and I am grateful for the great feedback.


Hi guys,

This is the new elephant. I worked really hard on it and I'm very proud.

Beau Geste Set 509 - The State Elephant of Tehri, Delhi Durbar, 1903

Beau Geste Set 510 - Escort Guards from Tehri, Group right, Delhi Durbar, 1903

Beau Geste Set 511 - Escort Guards from Tehri, Group left, Delhi Durbar, 1903

Beau Geste Set 512 - Musicians and Servants from Tehri, Delhi Durbar, 1903

Sets 509-510-511-512 The Tehri Group
509-510-511-512 lg.jpg

I love this group!


Hi guys,

I know I haven't been active here, but I'm focused on the Beau Geste Delhi Durbar sets history chapters. We've been uploading them to the Delhi Durbar website, for those who haven't read them yet.

It's time for a new Delhi Durbar elephant release.

Beau Geste Set 513 - The State Elephant of Kolhapur, Delhi Durbar, 1903


Sorry, I have been attempting to upload pictures of the rest of the sets but it is not working for me. They are not on the Beau Geste website yet, but if you want to see all the group of sets that we've release just email me and I will resend the newsletter with the new stuff.

My apologies for that,


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