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    Almost totally stopped collecting the standard ...

    Almost totally stopped collecting the standard
    Scale now. Started collecting 28mm ACW,
    Napoleonic and Agincourt figures. Bought
    Some painted figures on the internet but also
    Embarked on...
  2. Never mind, just took a closer look and it won't...

    Never mind, just took a closer look and it won't work.
  3. I wonder if these ships are in scale with 15mm or...

    I wonder if these ships are in scale with 15mm or 28mm figures? That may be the right option for realism.
  4. Re: John Jenkins Treasure Hunt 2018 at the Chicago Toy Soldier Show!

    I wonder if John would consider 2 half ships but to scale? I would prefer that. Finally, the Republican Roman time period is getting some respect! :)
  5. Re: Are we any nearer to getting new stock?

    I bought 2 of their recently released ACW Union sets. The mounted infantry officer and the horse handler. Both are excellent sets however, things at Britains seem disconcerting to say the least with...
  6. Re: MED02-MED047 French Knights Charging at the Battle of Agincourt!

    Mounted French knights... what more can you ask for... :)
  7. Re: The best scene in the movie "Gettysburg"...

    Yes, "Glory" was a great film. Great actors and acting!

    "Gods and Generals" had it's moments. In a pond with few fish, you have to take what you can catch! ^&grin

    The problem that I found with...
  8. The best scene in the movie "Gettysburg"...

    Was watching some clips on youtube tonight and came across this piece of movie history:

    Will be forever grateful to Ted Turner for bringing this to...
  9. Re: Maundy Thursday leads to a Good Friday

    I bought into the TG Byzantine figures as well. A nice departure from the regular stuff on my display shelves. The quality is excellent at a reasonable price! I have only seen Byzantine figures...
  10. Re: What figure are you still hunting down?

    I missed my opportunity on an Aeroart Carthaginian War Elephant at 2 different Toy Soldier Shows years ago at prices that would be considered a "steal" in today's market for these models. You never...
  11. Re: London TSS March 2018 Photos and Report.

    Always a joy to see what's happening across the pond!

    Some interesting stuff out there...

    Thanks for posting all of these pictures!

  12. Re: Remake winter display: dramaturgy retirement of russia 1812

    A museum could use your talent! :salute::
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    Re: New figures previewed on FL website

    YES!!! The French Agincourt mounted knights are on the way, finally... {bravo}}

    That Elephant rider does look like a Persian. Nice to see something different other than Roman... Good strategy!...
  14. Britains Zulu War - "Thrust" Fight for the Kraal - Item # 20116


    I have a "Mint in Box" set of Britains Zulu War, "Thrust" Fight for the Kraal - Item # 20116. British 24th Foot and Zulu Hand-to-Hand Set #8, 3 pieces.

    $90 with Free shipping in the lower...
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    Re: February's Figure Release

    Did someone say "new Carthaginian elephant"...!!! When would be the release date for that??? {sm4}
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    Re: Wish List for First Legion in 2018


    1) French mounted knights for Agincourt (... even if only a few 'cause it has been a while!)

    2) Elephant (... hopefully not a Roman one but at this point would consider it...!!)
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    Re: Treefrog Treasures - On the move!!

    Will you have a showroom with cabinets for displays in the new place just in case some of us happen to be in the area at some point? A real brick and mortar comeback...!! ^&grin
  18. Re: 28mm Pre-painted Wargame figures

    This a great idea as another avenue for collectors of toy soldiers to consider and for those who are interested in both toy soldiers and war gaming as their hobby. Perry miniatures are definitely one...
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    Re: Aeroart - Roman Building Structure

    This Aeroart Roman Building Structure has been sold.

    Thanks to all for their interest!

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    Re: Aeroart - Roman Building Structure

    Hi Trevor!

    The only Confederates I have from Collectors Showcase are the very first 2 "mounted" Confederates that Collectors Showcase put out. An officer and a Standard Bearer. I also have the...
  21. Re: New Releases for September 2017 - The Wars of the Roses 1455-1487

    I thought we would see the upcoming Yorkist medieval artillery set this month but one can never get enough archers! ^&grin
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    Re: Figures without bases...

    I think manufacturers should look at the possibility of using figure bases similar to the Britains Swoppet range where the bases have plugs and the bottom of the figures have holes so that the figure...
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    Re: Packaging

    The smaller the packaging that protects the figure the better, IMO. My storage problems are due to big boxes used in the past to hold one figure.
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    My shelf space is also getting crowded for this...

    My shelf space is also getting crowded for this series. I will have no choice but to become selective in poses for variety.
  25. Yes, those mounted figures would really enhance...

    Yes, those mounted figures would really enhance the diorama at this stage! Artillery would too!
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