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Our Business Re Launch is scheduled now very shortly, and will bring a final joyful "end" to some of the old Gossipy ones on Line who say "He never makes anything". Ive been putting the finishing touches to some workspaces, and we both have been busy painting the Mountford Artillery "Display" Models.

Above. Todays idetical figure dispayed and being sold by Tradition on their internet shop site.

The Major
Wow Thats a very nice painted Parade. Love it !
The Major
Had "news" from Ana Abram Simons widow? Apparently, she is having a rather hard time of it with Abrams family, and has decided to now sell the rest of his former FLEURBAIX Figure range, ). Our E mail here is bit flakey, so if you do have a mail for her or them, or you know some Bone Fide guys who might be interested
The Major
Pass word around and see if someone may be interested to buy it to help her and Victor Abrams son
Max and Maryse will be selling individual figures, and initialy sold "loose" I E Not boxed figure sets, at this early time. As part of a service however to encourage younger Model makers to "convert" and create new figures of their own, and to help try to bring back to the Hobby more young Modellers once more, a series of "conversion parts sets" is to be issued.

These will include separate heads, legs, bodies hands weapons etc. There will also be a number of separate, different posed Horses as part of the series.
Boxed figure sets are planned for the future, once re established. Restoring several of the large figure ranges has taken a great committment in personal time and energy, following the demise of the previous owner in bad health, and the chaotic state much of it was found to be in.