Yo Troopers trying to find out what models were actually issued from Chas Stadden Studios in the 1970s/80s. The only way you can really tell is if you have one that is boxed with the certificate, the box reads Stadden Edition. If the box has Stadden Collection on its a later TKS product. Another thing because they are signed Chas Stadden does not mean they were painted at his Studios. There were many items issued in pewter signed Chas Stadden for collectors to paint themselves. If you do have a original and look at the TKS later issues you can see a difference in the painting, its a bit of a minefield, seeing as the one guy spoken of as the Master Craftsman of the 20th Century has not even had a book put out with his work. If any of you guys think you can help out, could you post a single photo, not a group one. Even if you only have a photo of the model say from an older magazine so I can save it and check it against the other later items.