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    I would like to provide some information regarding Edouard Pemzec and the Lucotte label.

    Lucotte was in production prior to M.Pemzec acquiring CBG Mignot and purchasing the rights to the Lucotte label.

    In 1982 Lynda Franceschi who owned the rights to the Lucotte label, created the Lucotte Collector's Club. Members provided
    input as to what Lucotte sets were to be produced. The Club produced a number of sets that were sold to members only. An
    interesting bonus to belonging to the Club was that members could order additional figures with their original set. The Club
    continued for several years producing four sets.

    In 1995 the Club Lucotte was formed under the guidance of Madame Franceschi. Many new and exciting sets were produced and appeared
    on a regular basis. Several years latter M.Pemzec purchased the rights from Madame Franceschi and is now the sole owner of the Lucotte label
    while his son Loic oversees production of CBG Mignot.

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