Dear forum members, I would like to ask for your help in identifying and getting information about a Mignot set that I received as a gift in November from a friend who also had no information about it. It is a multi-piece set of 11 figures and camping equipment (by the way, my camera has broken so I can't send photos at this time) possibly entitled "Napoleon at Austerlitz". I have written to Mignot but they tell me that they cannot give me information about the set without photos (even though I described it fully ?). I have looked through the Mignot book and could not find it,so, I suppose it is a newer set. It comes in a large flat Mignot red box with a Mignot label but no id on the set. The pieces are in a soft foam enclosure within the box (which leads me to believe it is a newer set). The 54mm figures are: A seated Napoleon wearing his green uniform with hat on, a table with maps on it, a ring of stacked packs, a trunk, 4 gabions, a camp fire, 6 general officers/aides on foot, 2 grenadiers of the Guard with muskets on foot, 1 sappeur with a saw on his shoulder and an infantryman carrying a log (all the figures are on foot). If anyone can help me with production, background and subject info I would be very appreciative. Thanks