Hi, all,

Here's a little puzzle, a figure I picked up last week off eBay. It's a figure by Alymer, but I can't quite place the unit.

Here is a view from the front:

from the rear:

and the underside of the base, showing Alymer's common stamp:

As best I can tell, it depicts a German light dragoon, from any time from 1756 up to the 1790s and the first of the French revolutionary wars. The Hannoverian army, for example, had two regiments of light dragoons that wore blue coats and a jacked cap with a front flap of similar design (the badge is the ancient Saxon running horse). One was the Queen's Light Dragoons (9th cavalry regiment) and the Crown Prince's (ie, Prince of Wales') Light Dragoons (10th cavalry regiment). They originally had red coats, faced royal blue. By 1780, they had changed these for blue coats, but their facings and cuffs were red, not yellow. I seem to recall having seen a depiction of a Brunswick unit that also wore such a cap, but I can't find the reference now.

Also, I can't find the figure in my references on Alymer, which are not extensive. I also checked at Alymer's website, but it's also not among the figures currently offered there. My next step will be to email Sr. Marti and ask him if he can identify the figure. But I'd like to give you all a crack at it, too.

Best case is we can identify the unit, and that it's still available as a casting.

Thanks in advance, prost!