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    Interesting! I know it can be done, but one doesn't see that done often, and I know the spare barrels usually had a bipod on them as well. Machine gunners must have had good upper body strength - those things are pretty hefty to fire without support. They didn't call the M60 "the Pig" for nothin'.

    Gary B.
    some did some didn't,,,M16s had the tin bipods issued usually that was the last of them,,,,RTOs kept the antennas off at times ,,under the arms the rest of the time until the moment,,Power ;light covered with tape,,,,Once on a nite ambush the RTO calling a sit rep left the speaker on,,,,3 AM total loud ,,,"SAY AGAIN 26 ACTUAL ETC",,reply,,,,birds ,,bugs everything screaming,,,,conference whether to move or stay put,,gets funnier every year since
    Garry Owen,,Recon
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