Has anyone used fishtanks or terrariums to build dioramas?

Moving into a new house soon, and I will have room for one curio in the main part of the house. Most of my stuff will be in a subterranean garage that we are having drylocked and turned into a storage room. Garage door is insulated, fortunately and the temperature seems pretty stable so far.

I was trying to think about ways to create dioramas in the garage and thought rather than getting old, hard to move curios should I use more mobile cases like a fish tank or terrarium. I would put these on heavy duty shelving with casters. Used fish tanks could be cloudy, but it seems they are plentiful in my area. Also, some decent curios. Just wondering the best way to house this stuff and have some flexibility.

I also plan on getting a rolling workbench to create them.

Let me know if you have thoughts, or better yet, experience!