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The race horse and Jockey you picture, if compatible with 54 mm scale ? was made as part of the hollow cast line pre ww2.
They were sold as single items, hollow cast and painted in plain coloures. The item appears in many pre war Britains catalogues and also in my books Britains Civilian toy figures published by Schiffer publishing. PA. & The Great Book of Hollow Cast figures published in the UK by New Cavendish

The item you picture has had a base added and is obviously not an original Britains paint example, but repainted.
Regarding Chad Valley, their items were solid and inferior, they were used in Escalado and not very desirable on the secondary market.
Speedex boxed sets contained the Britains figures. Happy to email a picture of the original Horse and Jockey if you wish
Hi Norman - thanks for all of the information - much appreciated. Yes, my figure is 54mm scale alright, I showed it with another 54mm Britains hussar for comparison. Both of these figures have been repaired, repainted and re-worked by me, including the addition of bases - which I think protects them a bit more from further accidental damage.

This one had "spreading" to both front and rear legs when found - which were heated and gradually bent back into shape again. The new base should prevent this happening again. As I have no intention of selling him - I repainted him just how I liked - in this case - in HMQEII racing colours.

I do have a copy of "The Great Book of Hollowcast Figures" - but couldn't find a picture in there - hence my request for any information here? How odd - did I miss it???

Would love to see a pic - could you post one here, perhaps???

Thanks again - Johnnybach