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Thread: Charbens WW2 Soldiers.

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    Here's a couple of pics which update progress on my 'dirty 11.'

    After the customary bath in oven cleaner liquid - they come out ready for a rinse in clean water ( under a tap and using an old toothbrush as a scrubber). They then look like new castings once again.

    I have shown the two "Charging with bayonet" types, who were without the all important ends of their rifles with bayonet attached. The one has now been repaired, whilst the other is awaiting his repair - with the donor part shown in front. This will be cut and filed to size - and then fixed in place - exactly as the other was , by drilling, glueing and pinning.

    A multitude of small holes and dents are usually exposed on old hollowcast pieces such as these, and these will be dealt with when prepping for paintwork. jb
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