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    Default Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    The important point from this movie is that Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen have been resurrected by Tarantino.

    Although only a small scene with Damian Lewis (Homeland and Band of Brothers) but he does look very much like McQueen. Fun scene where DiCaprio character plays the role he missed out on to McQueen in The Great Escape.

    Likewise the actor who plays Bruce Lee. Fun scene with him and Brad Pitt. However in real life his daughter did not like the portrayal.

    Long film at 160 Mins. With Tarantino you either love his movies or hate them. I always look forward to them as something different. I enjoyed it but better half fell asleep ! However in her defence cinema recliner chairs make that easy to do.

    Plenty of familiar faces in the cast. Kurt Russell, Michael Masden in a very small role, Bruce Dern (was originally going to be Burt Reynolds), an almost unrecognisable Dakota Fanning, Al Pacino as an agent and Timothy Olyphant. I believe Tarantino was in it but I failed to spot him.

    I enjoyed the roles played by Pitt and DiCaprio. Whilst Margot Robbie looks good as Sharon Tate I did not find her role had much to it.

    Since it is a movie about an actor and his stunt double in Hollywood there are scenes involving movie making ie. a Western and a WW2 movie. The scene with the flamethrower got laughs when I was watching. In another DiCaprio is inserted into an original episode of FBI. Shows from the time also feature on TV so there are plenty of bits of nostalgia.

    DiCaprio's character just happens to live next to Sharon Tate so there is a build up to some violence which is always a feature in Tarantino movies. You think you know the ending but do you ?
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