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i completed 2 ladders, one with smaller figs.

Tried a light test to create a dramatic effect. Also did a test crop of the frame.

added the two ladders. added some airfix HO/OO french infantry to the right bkgd. then added cotton smoke as per the scene. added the light source.
almost done. just have to add the final figs. the smoke really creates this chaotic scene.

I trimmed down the height of the left wall by abt 2 cm. Made 2 more ladders with climbing figs. Made up a crowd scene.

All these were ptd dark and all the figs were given a dark wash to simulate the dawn gloom.

I took this top down pix to show the intended perspectives when after I frame the scene.

i took this pix at night again. This is the dawn gloom firelit effect that I want!

i took this pix at night again. This is the dawn gloom firelit effect that I want!

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I'm afraid I've missed quite a few of your progress posts on this diorama Victor, and seeing how it has turned out is absolutely amazing, it really conveys a very desperate struggle in such narrow confines and the heroism of the men and the tragic waste of their young lives. So much valour on both sides. :salute:::salute:::salute:::salute:::salute::

I am impressed by your use of the darker washed climbing figures to create atmospheric perspective. Technically, this is a masterpiece!:salute::
hi steve and louis,

thx for your always gracious comments. ive added another ladder with figs. also another lot of tinier figs in the dark recess. ive added some airfix french inf to the other side, the pics were overexpose to show the dark tiny figs.

Now working on the last two elements to be added to this scene. A badly sculpted British soldier and a shako.

You've really made something to be very proud of Victor and whoever buys this is getting a masterpiece and I'm sure will inspire others to do their own version even if with off the self figures and scenery.
Hi Steve,

Thanks for your most generous remarks. I'm just waiting to put a cropped frame to complete this scene.

Rgds Victor
I added the falling shako, added the final smoke effects and finally added the cropped frame. I finished this off with a brass label and took the final nighttime lit scene pics. Thanks again for following this thread.



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Thanks John.

As can be seen, I had to crop a higher vantage viewpoint to create this dramatic visual perspective. The high frame also masks the varying differences in sizes between the lower level figs and the upper level figs.

Rgds Victor
Magnificent final product showcasing your skills Victor. (y) (y)(y)
Yes centre showpiece for some lucky collector !

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