Yo Troopers, anyone one have any info about Stadden. Its great when you buy something that you have never owned before, then you start to look into all the pros & cons of it.IE: Bought the 1970s Queens Own Hussar Drum Horse yesterday (see Britains thread), and noticed in their description that it was painted at Stadden Studios, not the later TKS painted model. So not being that knowledgeable about Toy Soldiers as some of you guys who have been collecting a long time, I decided to make some enqueries today as to who were TKS. It turns out that they are a group called Toye, Kenning, & Spencer, and if my info is right that they own Stadden. This really surprised me because I was looking at the Stadden site last week and it seemed to me that it was still run by the Stadden family. So if I had gone ahead and bought the Drum Horse today from the site at £615.00 painted, I would have been totally mislead that I was buying a Chas Stadden piece, but in theory its a company that now own Stadden and just using the name. If I am wrong about this OK its down to ignorance of the fact, but if my info is correct, I think these points should be made clear to the buyer. Would like to hear your thoughts on this subject Troopers.