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    Default More Cowboys and Native Americans

    I've been winning a few more Auctions recently - so couldn't resist a few more - for my collection.

    I've saved a few pics as I've gone along - so I'll start off with a few "earlier" in the repair process pics.

    Here's a Johillco mounted Chief which is a pre-war piece that I found with the two front legs damaged. Both front hooves and part of the legs to the knee were missing. My pic below shows him stripped of the remaining old paint - and mounted on a new stand (base) which I made up from scrap metal sheet. I then drilled and pinned both broken legs and inserted cut steel pins (cut from paper-clips). These were longer than normal - and shaped as the original leg would have been - and inserted into the new stand. You can see how the leg was then built up using milliput.

    After both legs had been re-made - he was painted in the same way a new casting would have been - and he now looks brand new once again - and ready for another 80 plus years service. ( though maybe I'll repaint that base - at this magnification - two coats weren't really enough!).

    Next - I had a few odd pieces - pic below: From the left you see what was originally a repaired Charbens Circus horse Front leg/rear leg and tail repaired or replaced) - with a repaired Timpo mounted cowboy with rifle aboard him; At centre is a Native American Chief on foot - note the new arm with tomahawk attached where the original was missing. On his back - in front - is another Timpo cowboy who also can fit the Charbens horse - and lastly - another Mounted Native American on a rearing horse. My second cowboy has a new pistol and raised arm - which replaced his missing outstreched arm when found. The rearing horse had two broken off rear legs and base which were missing. I remade him in a similar way to the Johillco horse - but re-pinned him to a newly fabricated base in a similar way - leaving the pins long enough to re-make lower ankle joint and hooves

    Here's another viw which shows how both cowboys fit the horse well.

    and this one shows a clearer view of re-painted horse ( not completed yet).


    I'll stop here - just for now - but will show these and - some others progressing later. jb
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