Nice little lot arrived today - A few more Britains Hunters.

I've added in my already restored Male Hunter - to contrast with the state of my (already started) repairs on a similar figure that arrived with this lot. Note also the Female Hunter sitting side-saddle who has appeared to have lost her head! There are also 5 more dogs to add to my existing two, several of who need some new legs and a bit of straightening out in places.

The most badly damaged figure is obviously the male hunter. I started repairs immediately on him - as the horse was in danger of losing his rear half. He had also been compressed at the rear end - so I pushed in various small tools to "push him out" as far as was possible. Then it's just building up the surface once again using epoxy putty (I use Milliput) to re-shape him. This is where having another example comes in very handy, to use as a guide.

Clean off comes next - and then I can commence repairs and spares. jb

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