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Thread: Why not give FL more shelf-space?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFC Welton-Drake [29thID] View Post
    It's funny that I'm coming across this just now. I'm one of the sales reps and assistant managers at Sierra and I just put out a whole bunch of First Legion Normandy figures into a display that were sitting on the shelf today. I'm also frequently let down by how little FL we have here. There are a number of factors as to why it isn't in regular inventory as much: The obvious reason being we only have so much shelf space. There also isn't as much demand for it as John Jenkins and King & Country. I would assume this is because of the price point. Those two companies still offer a wonderful product for a lower price, therefore it is cheaper for us to hold onto the figures until they sell. It is also more cost effective/ space effective to have them sent to us piece by piece since they are based in the US and the others have to come from overseas which means it is better if we order in bulk for the ones that come from China.

    I really wish we just had more space, though. First Legion sells just as well out of the display as the other companies figures. If not, better when I think about how we can't keep the samurai in stock. I have had many dreams about having marvelous displays of line tactics from the age of gunpowder. Rows of Prussians or British Fusiliers with the colors and magnificent detail. I guess I'll have to start my own collection when I start earning more than a retail salary. I think I'll start with Frederick the Great.

    Also, thanks for the praise, Panzer Ace.
    thank you...that was an informative post...
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