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    Quote Originally Posted by Obee View Post

    that didn't take long for the search engine (my brain) to find it when I checked the bookshelves ....

    It was UNIFORMS OF THE PENINSULAR WARS 1807-1814 by Philip Haythornethwaite originally published by Blandford Press in 1978, but republished by Arms & Armour Press in 1995 in a larger format, which is what I have a copy of.

    Very interesting 10 pages devoted to the uniforms of that period but specific to the local modifications done on both sides of the conflict, not the dress manuals of the day ....very interesting.

    Thanks John. I have that book and very good it is. It has 100 different colour plates covering all the nationalities that took part in the war.
    If I get the book about the 60th I will let you know what it's like.
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