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Thanks to everyone who responded. I realize it's going to be a difficult thing to price and sell considering it's condition. I did find one that sold recently at auction. My brother saw it and got all excited so I had to bring him down with the fact that his set probably isn't worth anything near the selling price of this one.


Thanks again.

To add some more color to the auction that sold. That was a limited edition with wooden presentation case, name plates in unused pristine condition other than 2 blemishes noted. The number actually made in that style is very low. I have the figure around somewhere as I have the original brochure advertisement on that version! also noticed it is #11 out of 1000, I guarantee they never made a 100 of them in that format.

Yours obviously is less, but I would put a value of $500 or so on the set in it current condition cash sale. A lot of times these were broken up to sell the personality figures as Stadden released them on their own and in vignettes. The pristine singles generally bring $80 per personality and the vignettes higher (example is the Longstreet and Pickett figures together on a wooden base which I have and can post pics next week when home).

Anyhow, it is a nice set and worth restoring.