Well, unfortunately, my 98 year old Grandad passed away this week. He was truly amazing in that he lived in his own house and made it to the very end on his own way. I was very fortunate for 44 years to have him, he doubled my father's age of 49 which is mind boggling when you think about it. He was a WW2 Veteran of the War in the Pacific, seeing action in the Philippines and then the Occupation of Japan. The atomic bombs literally saved his life because as a member of the US Army 25th, he would have been in one of the first waves of the invasion of Japan where the casualties would have been high. He was born in 1920, so he lived through the Depression, Early Automobiles, World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Civil Rights, Technological Revolution, Gulf Wars, etc. Quite remarkable when you think about it, he basically lived modern US history! This week got me thinking regarding my family history and I ended up tracing my direct line back to 1750 (birth of Isaac Dubel in MD). I guess I knew but didn't know how far back we went, very interesting, my Grandad kept pretty good records.