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Thread: My USS Bunker Hill Display Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Allen View Post
    I liked the new HOT PAPAS so much that I ordered TWO sets … but they are not here yet; hopefully soon.

    Given that John has released the B.H. Medic sets and the B.H. Fire Fighter sets, wouldn't be fantastic if John should release a "DAMAGED" Corsair.

    IMAGINE ….. Another (NEW) set of BH Fire Fighters would be pulling the injured pilot out of the cockpit.
    The planes prop is bent and possibly a collapsed landing gear. Bullet holes in the canopy and the fuselage show the extent of the dogfight.

    OH WELL … I can dream.

    --- LaRRy
    That would be really cool LaRRy . . . however, that might require me collecting more deck plates to display all that extra action . . . .
    Time is a precious thing, and the years teach much what the days never know.
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