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Thread: An Addendum and Update on the State of Toy Soldier Collecting - One Person's Opinion

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    Cool Re: An Addendum and Update on the State of Toy Soldier Collecting - One Person's Opin

    Quote Originally Posted by Oberstinhaber View Post
    Hi Mirof,

    Well said, Sir!

    Agree wholeheartedly. The Hobby is NOT dying, it is changing, and rapidly, but the numbers of collectors, how ever described, is increasing!

    You highlight the major problem with the Hobby: it is full of "Closet Collectors" By not communicating with producers, the producers don;t really know what to make. So they make what they like, or what they say will sell.

    One of the biggest cons caused by this problem has been the rise and rise of the 1/30 scale figure. The bigger they are the better they are is a total con.

    I personally believe the the day of "the one thirtieth wonders" is almost over. Discerning collectors are starting to realise that they are too big and too dear. One can fit a lot more 1/32 figures in a cabinet and save money too.

    Design, tooling and production costs also dictate what we see for sale. Lower these costs and see more variety?

    Subject matter is a big beef. When are we going to see the Eastern Front of WWI given proper consideration. The Austrians, Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Serbs etc all deserve a place in the sun too. Ask a Producer: "No one is interested"

    Some subjects are determined by the Collectors. The Seven Years War is one. Some people, particularly in the Western Hemisphere think that the French and Indian War was the total Seven Years War.

    Showing my age and time in the Hobby, I am a "1/32 man". However, sometimes I wish that I had been afflicted by the "28mm strain" of our particular disease. If so, I wouldn't be ranting on in this forum, I would be contentedly fondling figures from any period in history I fancied.

    Did someone say the bigger they get the better they get?

    The other problem in the hobby, hinted at above is that there are "Artists" "Entrepreneurs" and "Consumers" involved and none of them speaks, meaningfully to the others.

    No one, of whom I am aware, in the TS community has tried "Crowd Funding". Happens all the time in other areas of the hobby.

    Like Mirof, I spent my early years in awe of the "Artists" (who never really communicated with us either) buying their marvelous wares. However, most were fickle and never finished a "set" before moving on. Or the did the Infantry but no Cavalry or artillery. Or did one "side" but not the other.

    The Entrepreneurs have a better record, but they are by no means perfect.

    Crowd Funding may be a way of fixing these problems?

    May I throw down the gauntlet to the Producers?

    Happy Collecting,

    You raise many interesting points my friend ...especially about 'choice of subject matter to produce' i.e. WW1 Austrians, Bulgarians, Serbians etc. And 'Crowdfunding' to pay for it...
    So, why not try it yourself..?
    Find a factory a Sculptor...Create your own designs ...and then 'crowdfund' the entire project...Piece of cake I reckon.
    And let me be the first to wish you all the very best!
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